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Kalorama to Melbourne Airport Travel Options

There are 4 ways that I can see to get from Five Ways in Kalorama to the airport when using public transport. They vary from the very quick and expensive to the very slow and cheap and the journey gets cheaper the longer it takes. So the slowest option takes 233% more time, but the most expensive option is 2030% more expensive.The costs are based on 2 x concession and one child of 2 years old who generally gets to travel for free.

Option Description Time Cost Cost/Time Raito
A Montrose Airport Bus Bus – Croydon then bus to Airport $60 for the three of you (Teresa is free).
2 x zone 2 concession = 2 x $2.80 to get from Kalorama to Croydon.
No service on Sunday, limited service on Saturday. 1:45 from Croydon to airport 25 Minutes Kalorama to Croydon..
2 Hours and 10 Minutes (144%) $65.60 (1171%) 50.46
B Via Southern Cross Bus to Croydon, train to Southern Cross and Bus to Airport.
Skybus Airport bus – $22 for a family ticket (1 adult and up to 4 children). from Southern CrossMet card Zone 1+2 is 2 x $5.80 = $11.60 (children under 3 are free).
2 Hours and 30 Minutes (166%) $33.60 (600%) 22.4
C Via Ringwood and the 901 bus. Bus to Croydon – train to Ringwood then bus to airport.
$5.60 (2 x zone 2 concession = 2 x $2.80)
3 Hours 30 Minutes (233%) $5.60 (100%) 2.67
D Via Taxi trip. From: 6 Bonza View, Kalorama Vic 3766
To: Melbourne Airport
is estimated to cost:
This trip is based on a distance of: 64.13km
This trip includes the following fee(s): Tollways fee at a cost of $6.52
1 Hour 30 Minutes (100%)This is google maps driving estimate. $129.00 (2030%) 143.33
Time Vs Cost

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