Other Things Wednesdays – 2011 June 8

Apparently some people who always get me wrong currently think I am like a character on Star Trek. Well, 0% success thus far, can’t imagine better luck this time. I do not know who the character is, but one suggestion was the guys in red who always die. So I came up with a new star trek series.

  1. A group of guards graduate from the same class at space fleet academy.
  2. One or a few episodes about each character.
  3. They are followed from before their time at space fleet, their families, their hopes.
  4. They are then followed onto the original series of Star Trek. The ones from the 60’s.
  5. Each guard or security officer who dies is one of this class.
  6. We see their death, their burials in space.
  7. The show on that character ends with a family funeral at space fleet where their  family and friends mourn and grieve their loss.

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