Chuncheon (춘천)

Because of the floods I changed my travel plans and ended up in Cuncheon. Here there was an island to be visited. I regret now, not hiring a bicycle.

I do not know why, but there seemed to be some reason why I should not go to Chuncheon. There was even a heated argument. I do not get it. I had quite forgotten about it until I got there.

The place was the most like a Australian town I have been (in Korea that is). I do not know why. Maybe it was the clothes, maybe the body language. I cannot put my finger on it. As Seoul was friendly and Busan was hard nosed and gritty, Chuncheon was a bit like an Australian town in it’s ambiance. Maybe the word I am looking for is relaxed. Yes I think that that is it. Chuncheon is relaxed, calm and pleasant. I might even dare to say… easy going.

ferry terminal

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