Brunch ride does lunch at the Lithuanian Club

I finally made it to one of these rides. We headed from The Hub in Newtown out to Bankstown to have a meal at the Lithuanian Club. Out first stop was at the totally bizarre waterfall feature at the Canterbury Council. We rode from Newtown downs Kings Street to Tempe where we joined the Cooks River Cycleway. From there we went up along the railway line. The cycleways through there are not complete.

On the way we stopped at the Pheonix memorial which was to the Bankstown council, who in 1997 managed to loose everything in a fire as they had no backups. I wonder if the fire was deliberately lit.

I had the Cepelinai which was a good meal of mince in a packet of mashed potato with a bacon and creme sauce. Just what a hungry trike rider needed. They were very proud of being Lithuanian. I know a smidgin of their history as I visited Estonia, Finland and Russia in 1999. Though I did not go to Lituania as I need to pay for a visa. The food was simple and good. I had a herbal drink that was 35% proof. The others had the honey one.

We then rode back along wattle street and punch bowl road back to the Cooks River cycelway and stopped for some drinks at the canterbury bowls club. I learned a new word, bowlo.

So, I’d been past the Bowlo before. But I did not now that is what it is called. So when they said we are goign to the bowlo, I had no idea what they were talking of and asked them to repeat themselves. I could not follow as the trike does not fit on the cooks river trail under canterbury road. The path is too narrow. So I had to go up and over. I stopped and wondered what a Bowlo might be. Then thought, the canterbury bowling club! So I went there. Luckily my guess was right. In the club they even had a sign saying “save the bowlo”. I guess it is an endangered species.
So we need to put this new word into a song: I love to go a bowloing in my naked feet

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