day 3 – The Summer Palace – 7 Nov 2006

On the third day of the tour, we went to the Summer Palace. Parts of it, including SuZjou street”, and like many other places in BeiJing, was reconstructed after the British burned it down when they were an occupying force.

Again we split up. I went with the girls on a walk around the lake as I have visited the temple complex in 1999 and I had seen the Bodhisattva’s having sex. Though I do regret not going back and taking photos.

At the very end we caught a boat back when we hit the massive crowds again at the north of the lake.

After this, we packed our bags and headed off for one last dinner in Beijing. It was Vahid’s birthday so we had a cake. Ewen sold his phrase book to one of the waitresses.

And then as the sun set, we headed off to Xian on the train.

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