Day 6 – Xian, 10 November 2006

We headed on the over night train to Shanghai. The trains have improved greatly in speed over the years. The Chinese, in their engineering inspiered designated lack of imagination (which I feel very comfortable with, being an engineer) call them various speed up versions, usually with some number. In fact, I often wondered if the top level brass in China did not rise up through the rail system. They spend a fortune on it.
Because the restaurant car was full, they brought the breakfast to our soft sleeper cabin. Ah, the posh joys of soft sleeper class.
As we came into Shanghai, we passed though a land of canals.
at the stationbedspressure and extinguishersewenrose
We then went to the our hotel and then along the bund. When I arrived in China the first time, I flew to Shanghai form HK and went along the bund with Barbara. It has changed in many ways, but in some way it has not changed at all. It is the latter I think that is very interesting. But I did not spend enough time in Shanghai, this third time to get a really good view of it. That is one of the drawbacks of travelling with others.
Chinese Tourists
In this view of the over the river, when I visited in 1992, the communications tower (with the bulby bits) was only partly constructed. The entire rest of the scene was rice paddies.
Barge and ferry黄浦江river trafficold style bargerevolutionary
The amount of traffic on the main river seemed to be about the same, but the multi-barge flotillas were gone. I remember seeing trains of barges, with say 20 barges head to toe in a line. In the creek, the massive barge trains were gone.
sculpture wallRussian embassyHuangpu Riversteamfootpath
As I remember it, this building was the old Russian embassy, in the Russian quarter. The previous tow times I stayed in Shanghai I stayed in the backpackers behind the embassy.
russian embasy
limousinePuJiang HotelbridgeBroadway Mansions HotelChina Post
Bicycles, What I remember of Shanghai the first time was the bicycles, though there were very few compared to Nanjing. Today there are less bikes than ever. But occasionally you saw some.
A before shot. I guess the trikes have gone and are replaced by mopes, electric bikes and scooters.
Shanghai 1992 December
That night we went out on our most expensive night on town, I possibly have ever had. We went up to the a bar on the 88th floor of one of the buildings on the other side of the river. We had to take three lifts to get up there.
high class eating
Oriental Pearl Towercocktailslooking out the windowcigarewen
And then we went under the river by taxi to have dinner in the old French quarter.
yang's kitchen
under the Huangpu River

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