On Australians and Racism

When I lived in Melbourne I used to think it odd that people from overseas thought Australian’s were racists. I thought that they did very well overall. Then I moved to Sydney. Now I too know Australian’s are racist. Well it turns out that the statement that Australian’s are racists is wrong. Some are. I think that it is much more prevalent in Sydney. Multiculturalism is a part of Melbourne. It is an anathema to many people in Sydney. This is a sad state of affairs.

Being chinese, I am happy and proud to use the honorific uncle and aunty to describe close friends of the family. Or indeed to be called uncle. Infortunately here in Sydney the bastards think I am a mafia gangster, even thought I told them of my Chinese heritage. And the stupid fools say they understand Asian thinking. I think that shows them to be delusional fools.

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