Free things

There are a bunch of evil people in Sydney who do not like free things. They think you should pay for everything you get. Even worse the view of some, including the NSW police it would seem, indicates that they think that free is synonymous with stolen. I think that those people fall into the general category of stupid arseholes. I have several things that cost me nothing.

  • There areĀ  the things I inherited from my grandparents when they died. These things are generally of low monetary value, but have great sentimental value.
  • There are things that were given to me. Particularly when I was just out of uni, I was gifted several things like lounges and tables and chairs. In turn I gave these on to others when I was earning more and the others were more in need. This is what friends are for and it is what a sense of community is about.

Also, in Chinese culture, it is important for the richest person to pay. This is a kind of social security system. I am always happy to accept a free meal. Unlike those bastards in Australia who this is a system of corruption, in Chinese culture, there is no expectation of anything in return. The fact that you are there accepting the food is the payment the person making the offer receives.

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