This saddens me.

  • People say they don’t like people from Redfern, I lived in Redfern and I am sad that they do not like me.
  • People say they do not like westies. I lived in Perth. I am sad that they do not like me.
  • People say that they do not like people from Blacktown or Penrith, I was a member of the Blacktown Photo Club, and have good friends in Penrith. I wonder what they think of people from Footscray and West Sunshine then? The also speak the same way of people from the shire, kings cross, cabramatta, mount druitt, redfern, drommoyne.
  • People say that they do not like Asians and the way that they think. I am an Asian.
  • People say that the Chinese are all flag waving communists. They are liars who clearly have never been there.
  • People say that they are not like Indians and that they do not understand their culture or accent. Some of my best friends in childhood were Indians. And I will not have them talked down to like this.
  • People say that you need a bullet proof vest if you go to Bankstown. I prefer Bankstown to say manly or Bondi.
  • They say they don’t like: Thais, Tongans, kiwis, Arabs, Mexicans, Greeks and Sri Lankans.
  • People dislike Cronulla becuase of it’s Australian beach culture from what I can tell.

Also they are also saying that they don’t like people like us.

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