Various people have commented on the trike. I get all kind of extreme responses. Cyclists generally love it and want to know more and often you can see that they are thinking, should I buy one? So their questions are related to why you would get one.  The general public either love it or loath it because it is different and sits outside their general view of the world. They need to work out how they should react and do not have a script to follow.

  • Women: do you have room on there for two more?
  • On a hill: that cheating! You are supposed to be doing it hard.
  • Oh yeah, when you get old you get to have a bike like that!
  • Boy: hey mum, look at that funky bike.
  • Dad, can that car go without petrol?
  • That is a bad machine, but it looks fun to ride.
  • The deadly Treadlie
  • A yobbo leans put of a taxi and shouts, why don’t you get a proper bike? Moments later he calls out, ok, so he’s a nice kid and I should nit have said that!
  • you know we don’t like recumbent riders, but we forgive you for buying one.
  • Brian has a new chair with wheels.
  • It sure does turn heads.
  • That is unusual, where did you get it from.
  • It is low to the ground. (Are you sure there is enough clearance.)
  • Aren’t you worried people will not see you.
  • People asking about the chain wheel set and thinking that they are good quality ones.
  • How does it go up hills (the answer is slower because it is heavier).
  • One car load went past tooting their horns and a man called out way to go!
  • A small girl runs over and says, that’s very funny…
  • The man in the street sweeper says… that’s a nice machine.
  • A woman in a car said: mr bicycle rider, you need a white flag in the the red flag is nearly invisible (in the twilight conditions).
  • Why would you choose one over a normal 2 wheeled bike?
  • Several people have called it a go kart.
  • Quite a few rides complain that I am lying down on the job. One child actually though I was asleep.
  • It has been likened to a Jason Recliner.
  • Individual words, usually from children: Broken, Silly, Cool, Funny.
  • ‘hold on’ said: I’m guessing the flag is to help make you more visible … (but feel free to admit that you have secretly always wanted a flag on your bike) cool pattern with the shadows’
  • Is that a suicide machine?
  • Get a real bike you fucker (a man in a small 4 door duff duff car).
  • Mother restrains two small boys, one says that’s right, I shouldn’t run out because it might kill you, dad Chichester back a laugh and says, that’s right.

This list is good, but not complete as I am not always in a position to write down what was said.

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