One of the differences I find, which I suspect is a difference between an Asian view rather than a Western one, but of that I have no proof, is in determining competency. For instance, I would say that if you can play a ditty of 3 notes on a piano then you can play a piano, and then I would say that you are not very good, or competent at playing. Australians will say, you cannot play the piano. They expect a minim standard, which is quite high. Even if you can play moderately complex pieces, they will think you cannot play the piano. They will think that any such claim is boasting.

Another example is in language. I think if you can put together a few words you have learned a small amount of the language. But they will be think you need to be able to hold a conversation before you can say you know the language.

People who are experts in a topic often have a much higher level that they would select before you could be considered competent.

This difference in underlying view causes much argument and confusion. People are unhappy that I say that people are able to do things, when clearly they think they cannot. So they think that I am an unreliable source. I think that they are lacking in empathy as they have not notices that I have a different way of viewing the situation.

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