Cycling Laws

OnĀ  cycling Laws:

  • Helmets should only be compulsory if you ride on the road. This is because the health benefit of riding (at say 15% better health over all) far outweighs the extra danger of head injury.
  • You should be able to ride on any foot path given that:
    • The Road in that part is unsafe for riding on.
    • You do not ride faster than say 10 kmh.
  • You should be able to cross at pedestrian crossings without getting off you bike, with the same restrictions as riding on the footpath.
  • When there is a shared pedestrian/bike cycleway there should be a speed limit of say 25 kmh for all.
  • Where there is a bike path on a road (shared cars/bikes) there should be a car speed limit of say 30 kmh.

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