National Folk Festival – Canberra

Good Friday – 14 April 2006

An early start to the day as there was a lot to do. I packed my bags and drove down the Road to Canberra. Here I purchased the ticket and went into the National Folk Festival. It is quite a different festival in style to the Port Fairy Fold Festival. There is much less emphasis on the music and more other activities such as shops and workshops. The music was reasonable and I saw some very good singers, but it seems much more impersonal. I think I prefer the cozier environment of Port Fairy and the wider selections of folk musics. The focus of the Canberra show is very much Australian folk and country music.

Having eaten endless amounts of small snacks from the food stalls I was becoming very tired and decided to leave. On the way out I bumped into Ann Campbell. We had a good chat for about half an hour and caught up on the last few years.

I decided to travel over the mountains to Seymour. About half an hour out of Canberra, a hugh storm came trough. I was thinking of the people camping in Canberra, but also having to concentrate on the narrow and dark road. This is the first time I have driven this vehicle in a serious storm and to my concern it was aquaplaneing in places. I stayed the night in Cooma.

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