On Reaffirming Dr. Mahathir's democratic rights

Hum,  One of the things with Malaysia, is that there are many of my name sakes there.  After all is my father not from Ipoh? Even the other Brian Yap in Melbourne is from Malaysia.

Here is a new blog entry with a comment by one said Brian Yap.


And I quite verbatim…

I completely agree with you on Mahathir’s right to make whatever comment he wishes to. However, at the same time I think Kit Siang also has the same right to say that Dr M is full of nonsense (which I also think he is, because whatever accusations he makes against the current administration, as true as they might be, can easily be made about his own). I don’t think Kit Siang is necessarily impinging on Mahathir’s right to make statements. He’s just coming out with statements of his own. The more voices we hear, the better. Then Malaysians can decide for themselves who’s making sense and who isn’t.
By the way, since this is my first post here, I’d like to say I’m an avid reader of your blog, James. Great stuff, especially when you bring up the forgotten struggles of the left in Malaya/Malaysia.
so said: Brian Yap

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Here is another link, which I am guessing is by the same Brian Yap.

What people want is fair trade, not free trade  New Straits Times (Malaysia)


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