Il Mondo De La Luna

I went to the Sydney Conservatory of Music to watch this operetta because Findo is the lead singer. I also love classical music, though my bent is more towards chamber music. I was going to go with Kent and Fiona, but, alas, we could not go on the same day. Given 4 dates, I was lucky as Findo was only singing on two of the dates.

The opera is from 1777 and is about interplanetary travel to the moon. It is typical of the times, all about young children coming up with a scheme to marry the ones they love instead of the ones they are told to marry. The singing was brilliant, the music good, the costumes cool, the plot fantastic, acting was great and the take on Return to the Forbidden Planet was just hysterical. You might guess that I enjoyed it. It was the best live performance I have seen since I saw the Bell Shakespear’s Romeo and Juliet in Melbourne over a decade ago.

Sydney conservatorium of Music Sept 2001 Music Conservatorium, Sydney

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