Washing Machines, Swimming and Rodney and Caroline

Started the day taking Kirsten and the kids to the pool.

Went home to  work out what was wrong with the washing machine. After looking at it and looking on the internet I tested the air pressure sensor that is used to measure the water level as the machine has lost the ability to determine the water level. Sure enough it failed the test (it gives a resistance reading depending on the pressure). It actually just gave the same resistance all the time.

I then headed to the pool to do to pick up everyone.

After this we headed down to the Olinda Tea House. It was newly renovated and Kirsten wanted to try it out. It is also quite expensive. But the food and dring was good. We met up with Rodney and Caroline. Both Kirsten and I have lived with Rodney at different stages of our lives. Me as a house mate. Kirsten went out with Rodney for a while. It is because of Rodney that we stayed in touch with each other. So it was great to catch up.

After this Krysta did some of her iPhone art.


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