Enid and Phil's 50th Wedding Anniversary

I was pleased and perhaps a little surprised to receive the invitation to Phil and Enid Potter’s 50th wedding anniversary, but delighted to be able to go. Enid is my Aunty, my mother’s sister. The potters are amongst my favourite relatives and I spent many years at Lightwood, which in the latter years they owned and ran. After lots of changes of plan, mum ended coming by train up to Sydney with a seat on the day train and retuned that was. On the day we left with plenty of time to spare and dove down to Narooma. After driving through patchy rain all day, we left that behind to be in Sunny Narooma.

We arrived with others at the time, before 2:30 PM. This allowed time to catch up and say hello. It turned out Enid and Phil were being taken around by my other Uncle and Aunty, Ian and Trisha. They were scheduled to arrive at 3:00 PM. In the mean time I finally met one of the local upper murray nobility, one of the Smithwicks. They built the farmhouse at Lightwood where my grandparent’s lived for so long.

Finally they arrived. There was a bit of worry that they might have had the surprise spoiled, but that seemed not to be the case and there were smiles and much happiness all around.

Later we had a typical country meal. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ian butchered the animal himself. It was good food.

After this there were some speeches. Given all the threats, they were perhaps a bit tame. But I did learn a lot about Phil’s life before Jingellic that I did not know.

Finally the afternoon wound down and as the sun set we headed back to the hotel. I think both mum and I were very tired.

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