Half a day in Melbourne

I flew before the others as I was on Jet Star and met them later in the day. A bit later than expected as Minh’s luggage managed to miss her aeroplane. I caught the fiendishly expensive airport bus into Southern Cross and proceeded to wander around town. I have not wandered around Melbourne like this for decades. I started at a church I had never entered before. It is very elegant on the inside.

Later I wandered down the River to Spencer Street and headed up Spencer Street.

I then met the others at Southern Cross.

We had some lunch at Lord of the Fries, which is a new place.

We headed to a street full of graffiti.

Before stopping for Dinner at Stalactites. It really has not changed since I used to go there in my Uni days 25 years earlier. After dinner we headed off to the airport to fly to Malaysia.

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