D72723 Melbourne To Kuala Lumpur

Well, this was easily the cheapest way to fly from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur. We went on Air Asia X a low cost airline.  We arrived early on the airport bus after wandering around Melbourne and had to wait for a while until the check-in counter opened.

There was only one class and you had to purchase things like the luggage allowance and food.  I did not travel in with the others as I had purchased my ticket separately. I purchased the former but only bought one drink of Milo on the flight and brought my own food from a Vietnamese food shop in Melbourne. I had a middle seat as I had been too stingy to purchase a seat allocation choice and I had people on both sides. The flight was quite full. Every time we flew through a forecast of turbulence form the radar, they made an announcement and turned the cabin lights up to full. This was hard on my eyes. I do not remember this happening before, though I have not done many over night flights.

When we arrived we arrived at the LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal). Really the steps did not quite make it up to the floor of the A330, but it was only a small step down and the steps were not wobbling. I have been to airports where they did wobble. The advantage of this is that you can take photos and there were no paranoid rules about not being able to take photos on the tarmac like there are in Australia. (edit: actually it turns out that there are paranoid rules, but no one stopped me.) Immigration was easy and fast.


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