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  1. 2009-011-23
    Man: not the Turing part! We don’t think like that!
    Man: they said that’s what he is scared of
    Woman: he likes them because they are different
    Apparently a supremely stupid arsehole thought the dream was an admission of guilt
    Woman: he said, if you are going to be like that, he won’t go out
    Man: they said he is too upset to accept
    Woman: god knew that!
    Man: this is so fucking unfair!
    Man: then you will explain what nichole said
    Man: we don’t think like that! M2: fuck no, didn’t know anything
    Man: (they thought) he wanted that? M2: oh shit
    Man: so they said they are ugly…
    Man: you fucking bastards! M2: now they know that.
    A man shouts out: get off the road!
    Man: we don’t think he is that type!
    Woman: well tell them we don’t
    Man: so why did you fake that?
    Man: oh fuck, they do think like that!
    Man: we’ve discovered this! M2: oh no, so upset!
    Man: oh shit, they know this! M2: we said sorry M3: you’re nackered now
    Woman: you have to say you thought he looked like the other man, so you scared him off
    Man: he just didn’t want to know about it
    Man: he’ll just say Victorians don’t think like this… Shit!
    Man: because you said that, they did this, then he wrote that
    Man: should have M2: fuck he won’t.
    Man: it’s not even his fault, yes?

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