Bike protest causes minimal disruption to Sydney's CBD

Quoting myself as quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald this morning.
I’ll work on the movie, today hopefully.

‘‘I suppose Fridays were chosen because it would have an impact and also cyclists have to ride in peak hour traffic with everyone else, we’re commuters too,’’ said Brian Yap, an engineer.


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  1. Crouched around a a sculptured star shaped pattern on the ground , squeezing porcelain tiles into concrete, I’m chatting with friends as we work happily together. One socially inept person says to me…
    “I was driving down ‘Main Rd’ yesterday and I saw some crazy fella riding his bike on the road! I thought what an idiot! And then as I passed I saw it was you!”
    End of conversation… That was all he said. No need for me to argue or add any comment like “I’m a legitimate road user too you know”. There was no point countering him at all he was completely sure of his position. Everyone heard the comment and continued to stick tiles into concrete. I guess there was no need to argue the point, it was clearly understood. I’m the idiot cyclist who thinks he can ride his bike where only cars are meant to be!
    But what about us folks who choose or need to commute by bicycle? Surely we’re entitled to an element of safety on the roads? But don’t dare commenting on unsafe speed limits, driver education, lack of cycle paths,lanes or any other reasonable place for a cyclist to ride.
    It seems there’s still a lot of people out there who are confused when they see cyclists demanding their right to a safe space on the road. I guess we’ll just have to keep on showing them.

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