Well I have been taking some drugs for a while:

  • Mycardis for high blood pressure and
  • Simvastatin for high cholesterol.

The Mycadis is helping but not enough. The Simvastation has done the trick. Today my chemist suggested that I also try ubiquinone. So, as I have a high respect for his knowledge I purchased some. That respect did not stop me from researching the topic. It sounds like a good choice:

There are several reports concerning the effect of CoQ10 on blood pressure in human studies (for review: [19]). In a recent meta-analysis of the clinical trials of CoQ10 for hypertension a research group led by Professor FL Rosenfeldt (from the Cardiac Surgical Research Unit, Alfred Hospital, Melbourne, Australia) reviewed all published trials of Coenzyme Q10 for hypertension, assessed overall efficacy and consistency of therapeutic action and side effect incidence. Meta-analysis was performed in 12 clinical trials (362 patients) comprising three randomized controlled trials, one crossover study and eight open label studies. The research group concluded that coenzyme Q10 has the potential in hypertensive patients to lower systolic blood pressure by up to 17 mm Hg and diastolic blood pressure by up to 10 mm Hg without significant side effects. [20]

Coenzyme Q10 shares a common biosynthetic pathway with cholesterol. The synthesis of an intermediary precursor of Coenzyme Q10, mevalonate, is inhibited by some beta blockers, blood pressure lowering medication,[21] and statins, a class of cholesterol lowering drugs.[22] Statins can reduce serum levels of coenzyme Q10[23] Some research suggests the logical option of supplementation with coenzyme Q10 as a routine adjunct to any treatment which may reduce endogenous production of coenzyme Q10, based on a balance of likely benefit against very small risk.[24][25] by up to 40%.


  1. I had high blood pressure until recently. The thing that licked it for me was going to see a Chinese herbalist – he’s got me on enough pills so that I rattle when I walk, but just before I went in for surgery last week (when you’d be expecting a higher than normal reading even for a healthy body), they read me at 113/77 – swee-eet!

    I can give you his number of you’d like.

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