traffic advice

A while ago both Victoria and  NSW put up big electronic signs on the Hume and Pacific Freeways stating your speed. I think the intention was to get people to check their speedos and make them watch their speed. What both found is that some people considered this a challenge to see just how fast their cars would go. But how they reacted to this I think is indicative of both good thinking and stupid thinking.

  • In Victoria they simply placed a maximum limit of 117 kmh. So they get to keep the benefits of the sign, and there is no point in trying to go to you car’s maximum speed.
  • In NSW they turned of the signs in disgust. So they lost the benefit and wasted a lot of money.

This is typical of how the government reacts in NSW. Because people know they will react this way, the politics in the media is driven in a quite hostile direction.

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