Penrith Shutter Bugs

I went down to the Penrith Shutterbugs a few times. On the whole they are a great group of people who I get along with very well. But there is one man who is harassing me. He is Chris, otherwise known as goodmorningaustralia.

Here are some of the things Chris has done so far (over three meetings up till jan 2008):

  1. said that I would not want to be unhappy like those goths. I happen to like goths and some of my favorite people in Melbourne are goths.
  2. said that now that he was here at the meeting, he will send his mates around to my house. (to do some unspecified and probably nasty things).
  3. said that he had come to the meeting only because he knew I would be there.
  4. tired to work out what my email messages to my self were about, when I was sending messages about dishwashers.
  5. that nobody in Sydney likes people who generously offer to pay for something like a meal. This shows just how much of an anti-chinese culture racist some people can be.
  6. that he used to work for the police force. he once parked the police bus outside a brothel while he went to get a kebab and how that was a mistake because some (I think bigoted) people would think that he went into the brothel.
  7. that he was working on a advertising scheme where he would place TV’s in high traffic zones. But I was left with the implication that there would be the ability to record video surveillance in these units.
  8. Apparently some adds for dogs on local notice boards, really are adds for dogs.
  9. he made a weird statement about not liking road kill.

There was much more. This is just what I remember, but I will add more as I remember them.

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