Sydney Buses is really not one company. It is two. The other day I had the pleasure I have not had in quite a while of using the other one. Company 1 is the North Shore Company. Company two is the South Shore Company.

North Shore: (This mostly applied to the Lower North Shore, I do not have much experience else where.) The buses are regular, and the routes slow and twisty. The bus drivers are relaxed, pleasant and helpful. They will stop if you are running late so you can catch the bus. The passengers say thank you, and sometimes hello.

South Shore: The buses are crowded and busy. The drivers are stresses and do not talk much, though there are some real characters. The bus would not re-open it’s door at a stop if it is trying to leave. This is partly because there is not enough time to get to the destination. People never say thank you. They just get on and off.

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