N95 dramas

The other day when in Barrington Tops, my phone was playing up. First it was saying that it had 3G coverage, when clearly that was not possible and then it crashed. It would not even boot. So I turned it off. About an hour later, I had a thought. I took the flash card out. Now the phone would boot. But things were broken. So I put the flash card back in. Again the phone would boot. The problem now was that I cannot launch the email app from the image browser app.

Back at home I decided to look on the internet. I found the reset codes for the phone. I tried at first a soft reset. (Soft reset code *#7370# followed by 12345). This did not fix the problem. I went to the 3 site and saw that there was an OS upgrade to version 12. But first to back-up the phone. I had not done this in a while as the phone backup software runs under windows. I tried backing up over three days. It kept on crashing at the last step. In the end I was able to do a series of part backups without a crash.

Now to load the new OS. It did not work. The software says that it needs to update the OS, but then says that it does not recognize my phone. So time for a hard reset. The hard reset takes the phone back to the original factory settings. The code is *#7780#, but I cannot use this unless I go down to the basement. The phone connects to the network and then will not reset because it is connected. So I disconnect the phone, but I am not fast enough to enter the reset code before it connects again. So I do the following: Turn off the mobile device. Then press and hold “3?, the “Green button” and “*” – Turn on and keep holding the keys untill the mobile phone restarts and prompts you to enter details. It works on the second attempt. However the update software will still not recognize my phone. Sounds like i need to take it into the repair man.

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