Bush Telegraph and Picutre Australia

Well today I was on Radio National on the Bush Telegraph radio show. It is an hour long show and I was second last with Fiona Hooton from Picture Australia.
It was quite an interesting event. Fiona contacted me a few weeks ago about it. Last Friday a woman from the show called and spoke with me for about half an hour. They pencilled me in for today depending on Fiona’s availability. However, I never did get a confirming email. So I was sitting in my office, wondering if I would be on air. Of course, I got several phone calls just as the time was approaching and missed the land line call from the radio station. So I ended up doing the call on my mobile. This was good as I could go to an unused meeting room as Matthew was being very loud on his phone call. I was very nervous as I waited for the call to start and stumbled a few times with my words in the broadcast. By the end I was shaking like a leaf and had to talk to another work colleague for five minutes to calm down. But I think it went well.
The segment was about Picture Australia – Our Town, a collaboration between Picture Australia and Flickr. This surprised me a little as I expect it to be about people places and events as I had recently won the photographer of the month for this site. Fiona described the site and I described the input I have had into the content of the site.

“Rainbow” by yewenyi [?]
“Beer Garden” by yewenyi [?]
Beer Garden

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