for progress there has to be change

This dream occurred last night. Again it was very vivid, in colour and disjointed. I do not remember most of the imagery. Here are the key bits I remembered:

I am standing beside my car. A certain person (不噁林大客流量一) is putting luggage in the blue bags people use to save plastic bags, into the back of my car. I have to remove them.
I am in some kind of resort. It is quite high tech. I have gone up some steps. There is a doughnut shaped pool over which are some TV screens. One of the TV screens has what looks like a reporter saying some thing. I zoom into this man. A voice says, for there to be progress there must be change. I think, sounds fair enough to me. The dream ends.

Seems to me the problem is that no one can agree on the change. For example, I would have words to say to people who believe in fictional supernatural god beings about the lack of need for false idols…

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