Sating a desperate need

I had been on the road on my own for nearly a week, with no-one to talk to. Snippets of short conversations with Taiwanese who were friendly, but knew little English. And one ten minute conversation with a Swedish girl in Taiwan to teach English.

I wandered into the Buddhist temple. They were very guarded. They wanted to know what I thought of Christians and Buddhists. They were very angry at the Christians. The Christians had been being disrespectful, obnoxious and saying that you had to conform to their belief and accept or allow no other. I said I did not agree with these christians. So the buddhists  relaxed.

Later I was waking down the street and these westerns approached me. They introduced themselves to me as the Mormons, a mixture of Caucasian and Asian people. The evil source I guessed of the pain and the suffering of the Buddhists. But I was desperate to talk in English. So desperate I would talk to a trouble making Mormons. They were friendly towards me. We went and ate at MacDonalds. On the way they tested my Chinese. The man said, I study at the 大學. I asked if it was the university we were walking past. He said yes. I passed his language test.

At the end of about half an hour or so we parted ways, I did feel a bit guilty for talking to them.

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