Exceptional Logic

Both the girls came up with beautiful, but annoying, logic statements on the weekend to justify their actions.

Teresa did not want to eat lasagne because lasagne is not real. It goes like this. Garfield likes lasagne. Garfield is a cartoon. Garfield is therefore not real. Therefore lasagne is not real. You can’t eat imaginary food. (I’d love to add a quip about the square root of -1, but I guess she would not understand.)

Krysta did not want to watch star wars, because she does not like people killing each other and star wars has people killing each other. I guess this comes from the strangeness about cigarette smoking here on the mountain. The argument goes, I did not like that movie because it has someone in it smoking. And smoking is bad. Seeing people smoking encourages them to smoke. So therefore seeing people kill each other encourages people to kill each other.

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