In the years after WWII many on the side of Labour wanted to nationalise the banks. People fought long and hard against this. After all it is socialism or communism creeping in.I wonder if they see the irony in the British Governments nationalising banks to save themselves from themselves and their capitalist excess.

And from Dolly:
Dear Rupert Murdoch,
Richard Owen who took this pic
has an Aunt, who was your housekeeper in London, as a matter of fact, she is a very nice woman…and used to iron your shirts….
Richard was witness in murder trial of Mandy re Grant Anderson [Jim Andersons’ son.ex Abe Saffron]]
Vitek poured the water. [rosina o’casey,[cleo mag] deborah thomas. [womans weekly]] GA was aquitted..
that is not why I am writing to you…just filling you in a bit of background for happening in Oz.
I dont buy your papers, as a matter of fact I did not buy any paper from the time of invasion of Iraq until Iguanagate.
I have not bought a mag ‘cept for Marie Claire, since the death of Diana.
I will not elaborate further except to say, papers not mine have been put in my home on several occasions
courtesy of corrupt crime commision peeps. [phillip bradley, mark standen and their “band”]..and worse.
I am sure if we met we would differ in our opinions on many subjects, but surely that should not interfere with truth and expose of corrupt politicans and police in NSW.
Nor am I anti police, just anti corrupt police, abuse of power and  rape.
I have been plaigarised in an effort to “kill me of ” in a variety of ways and ask you directly
“do you really wish to play a part in this cover up and defend those guilty of corruption?”
I also remind you Richard Flanagan, author of “Australia” is also the author of “unknown terrorist”
I believe this was deliberately partly leaked to the unsuspecting Richard Flanagan,  so if I popped up later they could say I was delusional, which of course I am not.
I wrote Maxine McKew [snail mail, I wasnt on computer then] via the bulletin.
2 days B4 she called for enquiry into Bali Bomb Warning
7.30 report ABC Tv, may 2003.
I am sure someone in your position can easy find out the rest.
todays’ Sydney Morning Herald page 5. heading John Della Bosca.
with regard dolly fury  [dominique]
ps. I would have headed this email citizen cane but the “thingy” isnt working.
I am also constantly hacked [delicately so peeps wont notice]and have been a virtual prisoner in my home since 2002.

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