Rooty Hill

Back when I first came to Sydney, some 10 years ago, people would talk about Rooty Hill. They would ask if I would live there. At the time I thought they were talking about some Christian religions as I knew the north east was the home to groups like Hill Song and the Latter Day Saints (though I suspect that these may be the same). I also know a few sikhs who live out that way. There is also a Hindu temple in Westmead. But mostly I though they were making a social status statement, for do not the westies live out that way? Then again this week people asked me again if I would live out there. Of course the answer is yes. I do not hold these bigoted intolerances. Though I choose to live in Marrickville as it is affordable and close to work. So today, out of curiosity, I looked up Rooty Hill on the internet, as the some people seem to also have a hatred of Muslims. Guess what I found, a mosque. This is just so very sad.

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