narrow streets and no right turns

this was an odd little dream, that just occurred.

I am driving a car. I am going along a straight four lane road, down hill. I want to turn right in the turn right lane. But I am in the left lane. We drive past. The car seems to be driving itself. We stick to the left lane. The road becomes three lanes. It is night. I wonder where this is leading.
The dream morphs. I am back the other way on a different road. Every few blocks the road gets narrower, until the 4 lane road is only wide enough for one set of cars at a time. Again I wonder where I am going. 
The dream morphs. I am in a three wheel bubble car. Though it is quite spacious. I am following (K) an Indian man from work. He turns right into a car park. I see some writing on the ground where the culvert out of the road and into the car park is. But I do not have time to read it. It is a yellow, official looking, painted sign. In the car park I start to pull into the last space. I wonder who we are visiting.
The dream ends.

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