Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions – all on a sesame seed bun

In Kaohsiung, I was walking down the street. I decided to stop off for lunch in MacDonalds. I could see they had a special where if you said their jingle, in Chinese, you would get the special. I can’t remember what the special was.

The woman a the counter slid the flyer over to me and pointed to the text I needed to say. I said, I could not read it. I only knew about two of the characters.

She then said the first third. I repeated it. Clearly successfully, because she then said the next third. Again I repeated it. She then said the last third. I had to hesitate while I arranged the words in my head. Everyone behind the counter was now watching and willing me on. After the pause I said the third and last part.

There were many smiles and quiet mirth. I got the special and headed off up stairs to eat my lunch.

If any of you know how to write the jingle in Taiwanese Chinese, please add it here.

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