Observation Tuesday – A problem with sides

When I first started looking after the girls I was very disappointed at their response to eating Chinese food, particularly from the older one.

Then we were watching the Olympics. Krysta was barracking for Australia, and I, as always, was not supporting any side, but rather had a focus on the performances of the contestants. But when I was being flooded with one eyed stuff on what the Australians had won, I also provided a comparison of what the Chinese, Brits, Malaysians and Greeks had done as they are the countries of my ancestors. (See my analysis of their results.)

When I was pointing out how well an American athlete did, who had happened to beat a Chinese athlete, I came to understand that krysta thought that if you are supporting one side you must therefore dislike the other sides winning. So she was being loyal to the Chinese by being angry that an American had one. This disappointed me.

Going back to the food I wondered. Does she think that if she likes Chinese food she therefore must dislike Australian food? A bit if questioning seemed to come up with the answer yes. She feels that if she likes Chinese things she is being disloyal to the Australian side.

That was an interesting conclusion and I have been working on the idea with them that you can like both at the same time and not be disloyal.

Personally I dislike people who take sides like this. I think it is very selfish.

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