2012 a year in review

2012 was a complicated year and very much happened.
I moved to Melbourne from Sydney thanks to the generosity of my workplace at Telstra and had an instant family with two girls. And in this front, things get better.
I got a SMS death threat and from a different source, a stream of traumatised SMS messages about violence and corruption in NSW.
I was told if I wrote things on Facebook, I would be closed down. I guess this was a klutzy attempt at strong arm tactics and school yard politics.
I spent a lot of time wearily putting up with people who were obsessed by bush fires.
I started a long analysis of what to do with out two properties and how to consolidate and fix the place and still sadly have quite a way to go.
I spent quite a bit of time on my family tree.
I made new friends in the mountains, but seem to have lost touch completely with the old ones.
The people on the side who think that aliens are part of the argument continued to engage in self deception.
The don’t-nicks seem to have finally settled on – don’t think like that. Though they seem to still be unable to do.
The anti socialites were rudely hating Facebook because they were afraid of having to see conversations with people they had been running from and avoiding for decades.

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