Visa Dream

I am in a concrete room with a wooden counter. There are people taking papers up to the counter. A woman in a dark blue uniform sits behind the counter.

I am told to take a paper up to the counter. I hand it over. Nothing untoward happens. I am surprised. A while later I am with Krysta. I am asked to do the same again. I think that this is pushing luck. This time the woman behind the counter says, I will get him. The guards are called over and I am taken behind the counter and out the back door. Krysta is left in the room.

The man in the room behind looks surprised and put apon. He does not want to be doing this. He takes my passport. I am not happy about this.

I am on a mini-bus heading to the airport in Shang Hai. I think, this won’t work. I don’t have my passport.

I am on the same bus heading back. In my hand is a visa. The people at the airport gave me one. I am delighted.

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