How to tell a weed from a plant

Last year we took a trailer full of holly and ivy down to a weed collection day. I said that to the people there that my problem was that my knowledge of plants was very poor and apart from the headline weeds I did not know which was a weed and which wasn’t. You see I never really spent much time learning about plants.

So when I saw that the Yarra Ranges council was running a course in Healsville and Monbulk I decided that I should go. Luckily I noticed I needed to book. I had not originally realised I needed to do this.

The course really did start with the basics, from basic plant parts up to showing the different weeds and methods of weed control. It was just what I needed. My only disappointment was that we did not go on the walk promised at the start. I thought this was because we ran out of time.


Now that I have had time for reflection and thought, and also to go to the council website I do have some ideas on how it could be improved.

I would like it to have a show of the yarra council web site as part of the presentation and to have more samples of the plants and have a specific talk about them.

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