A dream in many parts

This dream occurred for the first time, except for the last part where it seemed to be a continuation of a previous dream.

I have just ridden to this place on my trike. I was invited to return here. There is a very tall narrow kitchen. Like two stories high and corridor width. It is made of wood panelling and has steps down to the read door. I see a bucket, leading into a tub, like a yoghurt tub on the stair, both hanging from a rope. They are there to catch water. The tub catches the overflow from the bucket. There is a small puddle of water, maybe the size of a 50 cent coin, on the estapoled pine step. I worry about this. I am called up into the top of the place. Here there is a large space that seems to be mostly one big lounge. People are happy to see me.


I am lying on my back in a single bed. A man I do not recognise dressed in green comes in to the bed room. He straddles me. He puts his hands around my neck as if to strangle me but he does not. I do not resist.


I am in a house I seem to have been in before. It is an apartment of many rooms made of wood. The rooms are that strange layout where there are no corridors. The rooms lead from one to another though most lead off the central lounge room. Two men in suits come into the house. They want to look around. I let them. One man goes around the house with me while the other wanders off on his own. They find nothing except a place on the floor where some chemical has been spilled partly corroding away the wooden floor. The man with me gets out a spray can and sprays the place on the floor. It seems that the can contains a solvent. This causes the wood to swell up. He takes a sample. But all he finds in wood resin. They leave. My flat mates, a man and a woman are very delighted at the outcome.

I then go back to my room. It seems that there is a door I had forgotten about. At their insistence I open the door. There are two more rooms back here, one with a balcony.

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