Well it turns out that the logic behind Teresa suddenly deciding to bite members of the family, sometimes quite ferociously is revealed by Teresa’s occasional habit of saying exactly what she is thinking.
There is a theory that the one really good way to get a child to do what you want is to distract the child. It works a treat on very small children. But the downside of this is that the kids think, we’ll if it works for the adults on the kids, it should work for the kids on the adults.
Krysta thinks it is a cool game. She will say, look behind you, there is a spider! At which point I am obliged to turn around and look for the spider and she can do what ever mischief she is up to. If I refuse to, she will be quite upset.
Teresa on the other hand is much more violent. If she is not getting what she wants one of her methods of last resort, to distract you so she can do what she wants to do later, is to bite you. She has no qualms and will sink the teeth in. She has bitten Krysta quite badly, though she quickly learned not to bite me.

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