On Friday the girls hired the disney movie Mulan. It is a typical Disney movie but this time set in china. The first time around I did not see it as I was too sick and chose the go to sleep option. The girls loved it. They wanted to be more Chinese.
I did not know it was a Disney movie. So when I watched it, I was in for a bit of a shock. For starters, the initial scores of music were strangely reminiscent of the Mikado. It was clearly an American movie, with American characters and culture set in china. The Chinese setting was better than I would expect given that it is the American movie industry.
I did look at the list of credits. Almost no Asian names in the list. I think they needed more input on the nuances of being Chinese.
I guess it was pretty good given it was a Disney production, but they could have been braver. Maybe it forms an easy and accessible entry into Chinese culture.

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