Bounding Brown Animals

This is a new dream.

I am driving the relo along a freeway at night. I have semi trailers around me. Slowly the number of them increases. Eventually I am boxed in by them. We are all travelling at freeway speeds.

I am now in a forest beside the freeway. To my right I see the road with lots of semi trailers. A dark brown large four legged animal leaps out and bounds between the semis and incongruously bounds past them without being hit.

I decide to work out what the animals are. At first I think that they are deer. But they are not. They seem to be a type of animal I am unfamiliar with.

I am driving the relo again. Now I traveling at freeway speeds through the forest. I find this disconcerting so I steer towards the freeway. There are now lots of disconcerting bounding brown animals heading every which way. But none of them are hit by either me or the trucks. Similarly I do not hit any trees.

The dream ends as I get nearer the road.

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