9 power outlets

We got the relo only a short time before we were due to go away. I took it down to Lilydale Auto Electrics who had helped me out of a bind before when the electric window on the ford would not wind up.

Lilydale Auto Electrics View

The problem with the relo was that it did not have a single cigarette lighter outlet. I guess it was purchased in the era when there were people complaining about cigarette lighters in vehicles as part of an anti-smoking campaign. Where there should have been a lighter plug was just a little glowing panel. We need power to charge the various mobile electrical devices. This was particularly important as we were to stop for the night.

I arrived there Monday morning. We needed the work done by Tuesday lunch time as we wanted to leave at 3 pm on Tuesday.

The work was to install three power outlets. In the end we decided on a two outlet design. On one side was a cigaret lighter style outlet and on the other a dual USB power outlet. The outlets were connected to the battery via a relay activated via the ignition and some fuses to prevent the relo’s battery from going flat.

They did a great job. Unfortunately they could only get one outlet in the short time available. The other two had left the supplier, but had not arrived. The one power outlet was still fantastic and along with a deep cycle car battery backup for overnight power, our in vehicle power world were over and only one device went all the way flat. If we had the extra outlets that probably would not have happened. Also, unlike the Hyundai, where it’s inbuilt USB plug has an anemic amount of power available and is next to useless at charging the tablets, the amount of power coming out of each plug is excellent.

plug 1

After the holiday break we came back and had the remaining two outlets installed, one for each row of seats.

plug 2

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