Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap
Botany Road

I headed off to Mascot to visit Clark Rubber. My plan, to purchase some bubble wrap. The reason – I need to wrap up the trike to put it on the truck in a few weeks for it’s journey to Queensland. I rode the short way there. Along canal road. This was not as bad as I had expected. I rode along Sydenham road, followed back streets once past Sydenham and then rode along Canal Road and then took a back street (Church Street) to get to Botany Road. Sydenham road is not much fun to ride down as there is not enough space and too much traffic. Canal road was surprisingly easy as there was very little traffic. The Clark Rubber stores have not changed in the whole time I have been living in this country. So it was like being in at home. I purchased my 4 meters bubble wrap for $4 per meter and had a look around the store. Maybe some of the bench foam thingy’s would be good for the trike’s seat, but I might do that after I come back. I also considered some foam as packaging, but the problem with that is that I would have to store it in Toowoomba. That may not be easy.

The road to Tempe
Coward Street

For the ride back, I could not retrace my steps as Church Street is a once way street. Rather than head up to the busy Gardeners Road, I headed down to Coward Street. I knew that there was a cycle track along at least part of Coward Street. I detoured down John Street and came across some of the worst bitumen road I have ever ridden on. Back on Coward Street I decided that rather than heading back along Kent Street to get to Canal Road, I would head off down along the Cycleway along the Alexandria Canal. This would add a few km to the ride, but it is quite pleasant. After Kent Street the Coward Street Cycleway is quite respectable and it is a nice ride along the canal. I also took my first video from the trike. Which was very much a spur of the moment thing. I have not yet built my holder for the camera.

Beside Airport Drive

Crash barrier
missing post

I stopped at the end of runway 16R of Kingsford Smith Airport, known to the planet as Sydney Airport and watched a few aircraft leave. You have to listen for them coming as there is a giant concrete wall at the end of the runway, I presume to stop the noise. Though I worry that if an aircraft overshoots the runway, it will plough straight into the wall. Continuing along the cycleway, I stopped for a chat with a fellow DHBC club member who was on her way into town to pick up some shoes. They are also going on the Cycle Queensland tour. The Road has a crash barrier.  Clearly it was originally made of wooden posts, but many of these have been replaced with metal ones. But some of the wooden ones have been eaten by termites and this one was completely missing.


Welcome to Sydney
abandoned trolley

I continued on my way around the cycleway. Where it crosses the canal, there is much construction work and a construction base camp for the new water pipe that carries the water from the new desalination plant in Kurnell up to Sydney. So I could not follow the road I had planned. Instead I continued along the Cooks River and came back thorough the warrens.

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