IKEA, Springvale

I have been going to IKEA and buying stuff for decades. But it turns out Kirsten had never been. She comes from a class of snobby people who think “the problem with shopping at Ikea is that everyone knows you shopped at Ikea”

After a bit of an adventure to Dandenong as I drove down Stud Road instead of Springvale Road, we arrived and headed to the food hall for some Swedish breakfast.


Ikea was not what Kirsten was expecting and we ended up spending many hours there and having lunch there.


My reason for going there was to see the bathroom sinks and cupboards as we will want to renovate the bathroom in David Hill Road at some stage. In the end I was a bit disappointed. But I think there were ideas to consider.

Also I thought that the store would be more aimed the larger houses of the east, more so than the inner city Richmond store. But it seems I was wrong and there was quite a focus on living in small spaces.

We did find some other stuff we will want to get for the new place. A hall table, rails for the kitchen, and much more.

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