a bad smell

Grease trap cleaner
grease trap remover

This morning when I went down stairs into the underground car park, there was a bad smell. A bit like sewerage. I thought oh dear, the sewerage is leaking somewhere… But then as I exited the car park the reason became obvious. JJ Richardson, Grease Trap Cleaner had probably just pumped out the grease trap. Unfortunately the truck travelled very slowly in front of me down the lane, being very careful not to scrape any of the parked cars. I decided it was wisest to hang back aways. This afternoon the smell was gone.

Furious man: fuck, they thought they’d defend her! Man2: yes they did.
Denigrating man: when people grow up, they change!
Many people freaking out about la perouse
Man: congratulations, you won the bet
Man: he’s a homeo path
Correct woman: you know what he says? If you have too much speed, slow down!
Nz man: you said he went to sleep. He is wide awake.
Many people: we can’t believe that bit.
Defensive man: all right, that’s what they have canceled!
Man: ok we accept he is not a hard man! Woman: then he is a soft man! 
Man1: when he talks of junk he I’d talking of garbage. Man2: yeah, the prick does.
Man: thats how he knows that, google.
Woman: I don’t know why they’d think that would happen to me.
Man: that’s how they knew. They followed him!

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