Red Rattler

Red rattler
red rattler

I have never been inside the Red Rattler, but each day I ride out to the north or north east, I ride past this place. Last night there was a performance on and people were wandering around setting up. Here is what they say on thier about page:

Run by artists and activists, The Red Rattler is a new creative playground for performers, musicians, artists, designers, multi-media makers, experimentalists, film-makers, theorists, activists, collective organisers, and local punters, fitted with a full PA, stage, LED lighting rig, projector and screen, licensed bar, two non-residential artist studios, and a rooftop garden.

Man1: you know why he kept them? Man2: frigging souveniers!

Angry woman: we font think like that you shits!

Angry women: they sad that’s what he thought the looser!
Lots of shouting about doyles. He didn’t know/do that they say.
Angry girl: you are going to admit that you thought he thought like that!
Defensive man: that’s not what meant!
Man: that’s what he says, beware assumptions
Woman: they have to admit they got the wrong guy!
Man: because of that we’re bastards
Man: that’s not what we meant
Man1: well then explain this! Man2: we can’t!
Man: they should have said. Woman: she thinks like this.
Small girl: it’s the bicycle man, again!
Man: they said he deserved it,
Man: Thats what they said, they said they would kill him.
Man1: oh dear they worked it out. Man2: yes they did.
Woman: that’s what they thought: Alice copper!
Man: they are trying to work out how many charges can be laid, they’ve got to 10,000.

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