After Andrew picked up the girls we headed our to visit the soon-to-be-ours new house. On the way we saw the signs to the Kalorama – Mount Dandenong CFA fund raising sale and decided to go there first. Kirsten bought a bunch of things while I bough a sausage at the sausage sizzle.


After that we headed off to the new house. Now I have to say, visiting ones new-house-to-be is a surreal experience. There were quite a number of cars parked out the front and we payed $5 each for the entry fee. All the proceeds are donated to OXFAM and there were several local members present.


We wandered a bit around the Australian Native garden that Shirley Carn had created. It was good just to be able to have a relaxed stroll and just enjoy it. There really is something different to see each time you stop and look.

After talking to Shirley and meeting some of her friends we went in as I wanted to remeasure the fridge hole. Unfortunately Richard’s measurement of 800 mm was correct. I don’t know how I managed to measure 950 mm. We now have the choice of putting in a normal fridge or modifying the kitchen to put in the 900 mm wide double door fridge I had chosen.

After this, we spent some time exploring ideas as to where to put the dogs and the chickens. I think we are pretty much settled on the dog location though we are still considering two spots, but the chickens are not sorted.

We finished the day with the most surreal activity of it all: tea and cake on the back deck of the house.


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