School, learning and insurance

I took the girls up to the Sherbrooke Community School. Opal, who was visiting from NSW and Queensland was with us and was very welcomed by her old school friends.

I asked Sue (acting principal), who I had not really ever met before, if Opal could stay for the day. But she said no, because Opal would not be covered by the schools insurance.

I was quite disappointed at their bad attitude. Clearly the school thinks that insurance risk is more important than – child’s education.

Afterwards I got to thinking. Clearly the school’s insurance policy is dodgy. Other children can come for a week to try out. Are they also not covered by insurance? Does the school take an unwarranted risk here?

In Bike Marrickville we had an arrangement, which to my knowledge is standard, where as long as people who came on a ride, signed up on the ride form, they were covered by our insurance,even though they were not members. Why can’t the school do something like that?

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