Failed States Index


The list of countries I have visited according to the Failed States Index. The list ends with Norway at 177. I have not visited Norway.  I always thought there were over 180 countries, so maybe some are missing. Taiwan is the only country not on the list that I have visited. China is the most dangerous country I have vistied. This is interesting as ther are other countries I felt less safe in and would have ranked ahead of china if I made a list of my own. Though I have to admit the chinese government behaves like they beleive that they have a lack of control over thier own country.

Rank Country FSI 2009
57  People’s Republic of China 84.6
71  Russia 80.8
115  Malaysia 68.9
127  Mongolia 61.9
140  Estonia 51.0
150  Italy 43.9
151  Spain 43.3
152  Czech Republic 42.6
153  South Korea 41.6
157  Germany 36.2
158  France 35.3
160  Singapore 33.8
161  United Kingdom 33.6
164  Japan 31.2
168  Austria 27.6
169  Netherlands 27.0
170  Australia 25.9
171  New Zealand 23.3
172  Denmark 23.2
173  Ireland 21.6
174  Switzerland 21.2
175  Sweden 20.6
176  Finland 19.2

Woman: they thought we think that!
Man: yes the copper did. :-/
Man1: why do you say that now?
Man2: we didn’t care before!
Man: if that’s what you thought having an icecream meant, you can have an icecream any time you like.
Man: oh shit, they thought it was her!
Woman: he didn’t know about this, which means he couldn’t have known about that!
Woman: they said they supplied him.
Child: you fucking arseholes! We don’t think like that!
Shouting man: he must have known that!
Women: the posh ones did!
Nz man: he fucking won’t go away!
Man2: they really stuffed up, because of the whore bit

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